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Cryogas Tech is the leading company providing innovative cryogenic technology with our patented " Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) injector " for product packaging in Food & beverage, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical markets, such as soft drink, milk, yogurt, peanuts, vegetable oil, aloe vera, mineral water, wine, beer, and sport products packaging applications.  

 Liquid Nitrogen injector is able to enhance product packaging quality and achieve significant cost saving as below:

       a.   Pressurization

LN2  injection allows pressurization of light weight and soft packaging material, thus reducing packaging material cost, logistic and distribution cost. see more on Light weight packaging  

        b.   Oxygen exclusion / Head space Inerting

 Liquid nitrogen injection helps to extend product shelve life. LN2 allow effective oxygen exclusion for product inerting at lower unit cost, due to simple reason that Liquid state nitrogen expand 700x in volume to gas state nitrogen, effectively displace the oxygen from product head space to < 3% O2. LN2 injection is more cost effective than conventional Modified Atmospheric Process (MAP) commonly use for packaging of milk powder, peanuts and potato chips.






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